Problematic use of stereotypes aside, Andrew Yang’s trusty line — “The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math” — couldn’t be more right or wrong depending on how you look at it.

When you closely observe Yang’s ever-growing gang (pun intended) of supporters, they run the gamut from optimistic first-time voters to disenchanted voters, Silicon Valley tech workers to blue collar workers, and socialists to libertarians. Likewise, Trump managed to wrangle together a unique cadre of voters: vast numbers of white non-college voters and middle-class suburbanites across the nation, including the Northeast and Midwest — a…

SOME SAY THAT MILLENNIALS COST HILLARY THE PRESIDENCY. Clinton captured nearly 55% of voters aged 18–29, five percent less than what Obama received in 2012 at 60%. That five percent didn’t go to Trump; it stayed home. That five percent equaled one million votes.

Will the millennials who stayed home in 2016 come out in 2020? Given all the political tumult in the last few years, are millennials motivated to action? While the marches on the streets and global movements in recent memory point to a resounding yes, the answer may be murkier.

In a survey conducted by Cal Poly…

Linda Palacios

As a historian turned marketing specialist, I know that dates and facts are nothing without a good story.

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