Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. I think part of what makes it difficult for people to understand bitcoin is that it can serve a variety of purposes and means different things to different people. …

Key Takeaways from a Year of Ethereum Hackathons

Open source protocols and platforms can easily be forked, but it isn’t easy to recreate a developer community. Hackathons are a valuable way of gaining developer interest and bringing people from around the world together to share ideas. In the crypto space, it’s important to follow where the developers are going, and I’ve been excited to see this through the lens of the Ethereum community.

ETHGlobal is an organization that helps put on Ethereum hackathons around the world. The 36 hour events are filled with technical workshops, educational talks, and are entirely free for hackers. Over the past year, I’ve participated as a judge at the events held in Waterloo, Denver, Buenos Aires, and Berlin (unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the one in India). I will also be judging at the ETHSanFrancisco hackathon on Oct 5–7, 2018. Attending these events has been one of the best ways to understand the developer community, see firsthand what the technology is capable of, and learn about the unique pain points developers entering a new ecosystem face. …

I started scheduling weekly 1:1 calls with women who were interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies. I received hundreds of inbound requests after my tweet.


Q: What is a privacy coin? Isn’t the point of blockchain to be transparent?

A: There’s a misconception that coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are anonymous. All transactions are actually broadcast to a public ledger so you can see transaction details like balances, transaction amounts, and the transacting parties involved. Privacy coins hide these sensitive transaction details. …


Linda Xie

Co-founder @ScalarCapital. Previously Product Manager @Coinbase. Advisor @0xProject.

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