So you’ve decided to sell your dated RV. The selling process can be frustrating if your home-on-wheels is not upgraded with add-ons such as a backup RV camera. The major disappointment is a low offer from a potential buyer. Customers will feel reluctant to pay more if your home-on-wheels lacks an essential component like a rear view camera. So, what is the solution? If you are worried about how to sell your RV at a good price, simply upgrade it with a backup camera. It is affordable, and will not cost you more than $220. Moreover, that’s definitely worth every penny if it helps you get a better price. You can even acquire a used or pre-owned one. However, you need to consider a few things before investing in a backup RV camera. Read on to learn more.

Choosing the Device

You have to keep in mind a number of factors before investing in a backup RV camera. Aim for a low-priced device that fits in your motor home and is easy to install. If you want to shell out a few more dollars, look for additional features like anti-theft alarms, remote control and wireless connection. The screen size is an important factor too. Make sure you choose a screen with excellent resolution.

Features and Options

Invest in a device that has the features you are looking for to make your job easier.

Wired Camera: It comes with a long cable connecting the dashboard’s video monitor to the camera at the rear of your vehicle. It functions as a ‘plug and play’ device. Purchase it in separate parts to save more cash. Buy the camera from an online store, but take the wires from your dated audio system. Pair the wires with a new monitor. You can even choose to buy a product that includes the kit. A wired backup camera offers a better and high resolution video.

Wireless Camera: This is a wireless device, and comes with a transmitter and receiver that send the visuals from the rear camera to the monitor in the front. It’s different from a wired device and transfers signals to display images on the monitor. It comes with a few simple tools, and is extremely easy to install.

Camera Quality: Look for a high-quality backup RV camera that captures images in many ways. You should be able to choose from color, black and white, and night vision. RV cameras also include some advanced features such as notifications, face tracking, and smart parking instructions.

Quality of Video: Video quality matters the most when purchasing a backup RV camera. A high-resolution video means no black and white pictures and less blurry or fuzzy images. A potential customer of your old rig will make sure that he is able to see everything behind when backing up the vehicle. He would like to see if the rig has a flat tire or whether any animal is interfering while the vehicle backs up. The cables, screen and wireless transmitters have an important role to play when it comes to video quality.

Weatherproof Device: Most of the rear view RV cameras come with weatherproof features. Make sure you invest in a device that can withstand all weather conditions like heavy rainfall or intense summer heat. Do not take your customers for granted. They are knowledgeable and smart to inspect these features in person.

Accessories: You may look for accessories like glare protectors, a remote control or a mounting hardware.

Instead of thinking about how to sell your RV, invest in a backup RV camera for an improved selling experience. This will encourage potential customers to make a good offer for your used motor home. They will soon realize that the camera is a great addition to the rig.

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