I was never raped, but when I was 11, the son of a family friend copped a feel whenever we were…
Zelda Pinwheel

When I was 13, I camped out with my brother & some of his friends & their friends. One boy got so frisky with me & I wanted nothing to do with him. I had to scratch the bejesus out of his face for him to leave me alone & not molest me. When I was 18 in college I almost lost my virginity to a rapist. Our mutual friend (a female classmate) said let’s go to a motel for the night. We’ll have some fun & then you & I will sleep in one bed & the guys in another. I believed her; I was SO naive. My date finally stopped when I said he could have sex with me in a couple weeks after I was in my apartment & school was out for the summer — because if we had sex that night in the motel, I would get pregnant, I told him. It was a lie, but I had squirmed out from under him so many times & run to the bathroom so I figured that was my only way out. So he shows up at my new apartment & I won’t let him in when he buzzes to be let in. My roommate goes down & explains to him that I am with my boyfriend in our apartment & he cannot come up. HA!

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