5 Steps to Fundraise for your Non-profit

Non-profits can only succeed when they have the right amount of funding to move the organization forward. This money does not come out of thin air. It is important to fundraise specifically for the company to invest in specific needs and Entrepreneur.com can show us how.

1.) Create a Case Statement

The first step is to clarify what your organization does! People will give to a cause with a clear reason for needing funds. When asking for money it is important to pitch your success this far and your vision for the future.

2.) Target Marketing

Find the people that you know will give money. Doing the right research can help you find donors who are emotionally connected to your cause and will show support. Be strategic and target the right people.

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3.) Start with Individual Solicitations

Pull out the phone book and look at your immediate network. Family comes first and many family members will offer support as a way to buy into your passions. Next donor possibilities are your friends. Family and friends support similarly because they donate toward your individual success, rather than just the company itself. Lastly are the fools. These are really just the people who believe in the idea as full heartedly as yourself. They are important because not only will they give money, but they will also spread the word of your organization.

4.) Foundations and other funding sources

Let’s face it, giving to a non-profit, makes you look good. Many companies and foundations look for the opportunity to support and fund non-profits. With that, there are specific charitable foundations that are used as a money bank for nonprofits. Creating relationships with these groups can give you a donation and a long-term commitment for funding.

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