High Point’s Open Door Ministries Changes Lives

Take a minute to think. We have all donated a dollar before. Weather is it to a foundation, part of a food drive, or directly to the homeless on the street, we have all done it at least once before. Now think for a moment. Do you ever really see where that dollar went? Do you see the impact you had on someone’s life?

After a while, people start holding back on their donations. They begin to feel like donating is a waste because they are not able to see the impact a dollar has to someone in need. Open Door Ministries is here to remind you that, what you do matters. You can single handedly remind someone of their importance on this earth.

Open Door Ministries provides shelter, food, clothing, and financial need for the homeless. This mission is impacting individuals so strongly that young college students are beginning to show their involvement.

Haley Slone make the effort to join High Point University with the mission of Open Door Ministries to increase help and give back. By partnering with Ryan Melino, the retail brand manager for HPU, she was able to reach out to majority of the campus about her goals.

The goal for Slone was to utilize the leftover foods from different dining locations around campus and repackage it for Open Door Ministries. This task brought High Point University students and staff closer to the community and increase philanthropic school involvement.

Different groups and organizations around campus are now connected with Open Door Ministries and try to incorporate food collections with campus events. Slone’s efforts have expanded to many different groups on campus helping the foundation continuously receive help from students.

The one thing to really take away is the impact of this involvement. Richard Perish shared his story in how the Open Door Ministries directly affected his life and health. He explained that it isn’t just the warm cooked meal but it is the power behind the message. Helping the homeless is not an empty dollar donation but it is a life-altering gesture. These High Point University students are not just giving food but they are showing they care and value the lives of others in the community.

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