Do You Believe In Fairies? Discover The Fairy Trail.

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Do you believe in fairies?

(My home-made fairy garden)

Fairy Gardening has been in the U.S. since 1893 when it was displayed during the Chicago World’s Fair in bonsai dish gardens. Today fairy gardens are all the rage and you can find thousands of sites on Google for how to make a fairy house and fun items to occupy your fairy garden house. Don’t think you will ever see fairies in the woods? Well, surprise one Saturday when my family and I were hiking at Seven Tubs Nature Area near Plains Township, Pennsylvania and we saw a fairy door on a tree. Wow, what are the odds of seeing a sweet little door sized for fairies? The door opened and closed and was so fun to play with for a few minutes. I later found out that there is a fairy carpenter that creates fairy doors and houses all around Pennsylvania. You can check out all the fairy doors on the Fairy, Elf, Gnome Carpenter Guild Facebook Page.

Here in New Jersey, there is a trail in the woods dedicated to fairy houses. Hard to believe right, a wooded trail in New Jersey, one of the most populated states, and there is room for fairy houses. My daughters and I took a trip up to the South Mountain Fairy Trial in Millburn, NJ. What a fabulous time discovering all the fairy houses. Some are obvious on the trail, others more hidden. Look at and around the trees, look up in branches and look left and right to see everything each step of the way. Some of the fairy houses were primitive, others were very elaborate structures. All fairy houses must be constructed of natural material. Great place to visit with family and friends. We found our fairy house favorites along the trail. Go and find your favorite fairy house. There is a head fairy who manages the Facebook Page.

The trail starts out with the rules of the fairy trail. If you choose to make a fairy house out of natural material, you can add it on the trail. Anything that is not natural will be removed by the fairy queen.

Take this custom-made ladder up to the fairy house in the tree!

What a great use of coconut liner to great an unusual fairy house. When you open the flap above the door, you can see into the house which was decorated furniture.

I love the stick made walls and moss roof. Creativity and skill in this fairy house.

This house looks so well built, I want to live there! Build a fairy house in your garden, or leave a fairy door in the woods along a trail for people to find. What fun for the kids or adults who find your fairy house on their walk!

Do you know of other fairy trails in your state? Share with me where the best fairy trails are in the U.S.



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