I Am Not The Smartest Person In The Room
Jon Westenberg 🌈

At least 10 years ago in his book “Winning,” the recently retired CEO of General Electric — Jack Welch — said, among other things that you “need to feel comfortable being the dumbest person in the room,” or something to that effect. When the CEO comes into a meeting, s/he doesn’t/cannot know all of the answers for the problems on the ‘shop floor’ or the R&D Department because they’re not working day in and day out with what arises. So, that CEO needs to step back and LISTEN and LEARN and even ask dumb questions…sometimes those dumb questions will cause a shift in thinking of the folks sitting around the table (not always, though).

Your piece echoes that idea. Also echos the ideas from the late and great Peter Drucker, founder of modern management theory. I recommend reading several of his books, as he was “real,” despite being an academic.

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