It’s very real. And we need Donald Trump to become a real president, real soon.
We Need a President. Please Retweet.
Dave Pell

Can a leopard change its spots? I know, I know I’m using a very hackneyed phrase here. But it’s apropos.

Mr. Trump has neither the knowledge base of our nation’s history, the intellectual chops required of the position nor the emotional center required even in times of peace. He is just too impulsive and too thin-skinned (he takes everything personally). In order to learn, one must be able to assimilate criticism AND THEN CHANGE ONE’S BEHAVIOR accordingly. He doesn’t have this capacity.

If he surrounded himself with people with experience our nation would be in a better place with this North Korean threat. IF he were comfortable being the “dumbest person in the room” as the retired CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch said in his book Winning, that would help. But he is NOT comfortable being that dumb person, as evidenced by his inability to listen to others and that fact that he has surrounded himself mostly with sycophants and incompetents. Underneath all of the layers is a truly insecure man-child looking for love. It’s not love that he’s going to get from North Korea.

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