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First I want to thank you for a well-written essay. I didn’t “get” some of the musical references as I’m from the baby-boom generation, born in the early 1950's. And yes, we too were heavily marketed with advertisements in glossy magazines and on TV in particular if lucky enough to have grown up in a household with color television.

So, I’m technically a senior citizen but usually don’t feel that way (except of course when it rains and multiple joints in my body ‘speak to me.’)! IF anything, I’ve become more politically liberal with the aging process. Life has taught me that I need to be thus in this day and age with so many faux Christians placed in office around our nation.

Second, don’t be so hard on yourself and your generational cohort for taking so long to “wake up” to the racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., in what defined your youth and young adulthood. It takes as long as it does to “wake up” to the reality of contemporary American life. Some people, never do…sadly. Witness the array of the faux Christians in the House of Representatives, the Senate, governors, the White House. So many of these mostly white men have been bitten by the bug called power and they are abusing that power.

Third, I agree with the statement that I highlighted in your essay 100 percent. BUT it’s not just your generation. It’s all of us who have woken up to the dark reality that is our nation at the current point in time. Us “oldsters” and the 18 and 20 somethings to make the necessary changes at the ballot box in particular. Financial support of many non-profits is also necessary; I will refrain from naming some of those organizations in this post, as I said enough for right now.

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