From Russia, With Oil
Yonatan Zunger

First, thank you for putting all of this information together in a very coherent and well written essay. Some of what you reported was new to me, e.g., Manafort’s relationship with the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the Mayflower Hotel meeting.

Second, Devin Nunes must be removed from his post as the chairperson of the House Intelligence Committee. He has demonstrated that he is not a man of integrity. Perhaps as a member of Trump’s transition team, he too has some connection to what is looking like a very sordid affair indeed. Instead of what might appears as protecting the president, he’s really attempting to protect himself (and not very skillfully I might add).

Each of us must contact our elected officials (congress reps and Senators) to make Nunes’ removal happen and to have an bipartisan Independent Commission set up.

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