Even though I have the wherewithal to recognize their hatred as just a knee jerk attempt to avoid experiencing the deep pain of feeling powerless, I’ll be damned if I allow for someone else’s pain to become my prison.
Why did I name it “Dear White People?”
Justin Simien

First, thank you Justin, for your courage to make this film I have yet to see. I’ll make a point of watching it, now that I’ve read your essay.

Second, thank you for not responding in kind to the very ugly messages you received over twitter, email, etc. It takes tremendous strength of character to NOT lash back in pain, as your essay clearly points out. After reading in its entirety and allowing its message to percolate, so to speak, I see your essay is really about pain…the pain our nation has been suffering since even before the Civil War. Am I wrong, or is it (and your movie) an attempt at reconciliation with your white brothers and sisters?

We desperately need reconciliation in our nation. The stain of slavery has been with us for too long. The racial ugliness and madness just needs to stop and the healing/forgiveness needs to begin. Soon.

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