For writers:
The 7 ways Medium got membership launch wrong
Jessica Semaan

I am a reader, rather than a writer at Medium (I’ve published a few poems…but that doesn’t really count). AND if I were to write more on this platform, the goal would not be pecuniary…or would it be for fame. I’m at a point in my life where neither fame nor fortune holds sway with me!

If I were a small publisher or a “power writer” I would want to see the business plan. The questions that you’ve posed here are a good start; BUT, there are even more questions that a business plan must address.

As a reader, I really want to know how writers (especially those that I follow) are being compensated, if at all. Is the system a fair one, for example? Or, are writers just being exploited as is the case with many ‘gig economy’ businesses?Who are the Medium owners. What it in it for them with this subscription service??

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