he would hardly make a public statement condemning them. He would in essence be condemning himself. He must know this.
While Trump is a not so closeted supporter of these groups, he would hardly make a public statement…
Linda A Robinson, PhD

I was surprised yesterday to learn that Mr. Trump issued a new statement, yesterday in the late morning, on the Charlottesville, VA tragedy. So, I guess I’ll just have to ‘eat my hat.’

HOWEVER, if you just read the transcript — which is what I did at first, because I’m tired of hearing that voice — you will fail to see the body language, the cadence of the delivery and the tone of his voice. All of those non-verbals speak volumes.

When you watch the “press conference” from the beginning, you will see a clenched jaw and a pained look on his face before a word is even uttered from his mouth.

It is obvious that he was reading a script rather than his typical, ‘off the cuff’ remarks that reveal his true sentiments. The delivery was measured with very little emotion — not his usual style as we have all come to understand. The words rung hollow. He was not authentic.

It was as authentic as a prisoner’s statements at a parole hearing when prompted by the attorney’s suggestion to say “you are sorry for what you did.” Unless you are a good actor (and Trump is not as yesterday’s performance revealed), what is absent from the heart -remorse — is absent from the tongue and body language.

I really think that yesterday’s “performance at the press conference” will do him more harm than good in the long run. His approval ratings have dropped again.

He wouldn’t really entertain many questions at the so-called press conference (hence the quotation marks above). Listen to what followed the scripted remarks carefully, please…he was his usual, authentic and bellicose self. Not the pained prisoner who was forced by some authority figure(s) to make a feigned act of contrition in a public place.

We must all wait and see for the unfolding of the latest drama. I’m not sure there will be a happy epilogue for Mr. Trump in particular, to his presidency.

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