Sean Spicer’s selective apology tour
Ned Resnikoff

I’m no fan of Sean Spicer; I’ve referred to him as a Trump shill several times!

Perhaps his most recent gaff — a HUGE one — was really out of ignorance and not intended to be denial of the Holocaust and the actions of Hitler. He really comes across to me, as lacking in a lot of historical knowledge of events and current happenings. Review some of things he’s said in his role in the past few months, and you’ll understand what I’m saying here: he’s a dolt.

Example: One of the ridiculous phrases he used on Tuesday was “Holocaust Center…” What the hell did he mean by that? Was he trying to “pretty up” what concentration camps were? Or was he having a ‘brain fart,’ not being able to think of the word for ‘concentration camp?’

So, perhaps we shouldn’t assume the worst intentions on his part and just attribute what he says to being the person who he is: someone about six cents short of a dime. [that’s an old expression that I’ve modified somewhat…]. For that reason, and that reason alone, he should be fired.

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