And the true motivation of hate rears it’s ugly head, lol. Your comments are biased by your hate.
Louis Weeks

No, my commentary is “biased” by my professional judgment as a psychologist…I’m an assessment professional who sizes up people based upon standardized psychological instruments, self reports AND in this case behavior (since I don’t have access to the results of standardized, psychological instruments on him or on 1-on-1 interviews).

Mr. Trump is of German extraction as an FYI. Hence the reference as Herr Trump. Why does that trouble you, Mr. Weeks? “Herr” means “Mister” auf Deutsch… Please do not answer, it’s a rhetorical question.

Concerning his “brilliance,” you seem to be parroting another failed human being, Newt Gingrich (you know the one who was addicted to narcotics and cheated on his second wife…). Mr. Trump has a lot of difficulty staying on message, which is an indicator of severe short term memory damage; his ability to string words together to make coherent sentences is very diminished as well. These are all signs of shrinking grey matter in the frontal cortex and temporal lobes of the brain. Remember, I’m an assessment professional…

To call me a “hater” is laughable…yes, I dislike the behavior that Mr. Trump consistently displays because frankly, it’s VERY SCARY. I’m not alone in this sentiment, as you’ve probably noticed from commentary all over the internet. And even if I were alone in this sentiment, I would continue to dislike his reprehensible behavior toward women and “the other.”

So, if you choose to respond to this post, you won’t see another reply from me. We obviously share little in common as you are a member of Mr. Trump’s fan club and I certainly am not.