Ummm…wherever that picture is from would be called ‘a target rich environment’ in my book — here’s…
fred gaither

Only 10 percent of Muslims live in the middle-east; the rest are scattered to the proverbial winds, but especially concentrated in Africa more so than in the middle-east. So, where would we even begin to start the second of the two choices that you put forth (exterminate from root and branch)?

Isn’t there another choice? Pray for your “enemies,” make peace with your “enemies.” Where is diplomacy in your two choices? It’s really no where, sadly.

Let’s face it, terrorists are really criminals at heart; they have a deep-seated blood lust…they ENJOY killing people — a special kind of criminal at that. Criminals respect no country’s borders, are among all of the ethnic groups in the world, and most importantly are represented in all religious circles (example: Buddhism included — look at the current political state in Myanmar).

So, how do we stop the hate that seems to have infected a segment of the world’s population? Killing more people in the name of “saving the rest of the world” isn’t going to work. Killing begets more killing….this we know from the history books of many millennia: REVENGE is a potent and destructive motive within man.

It’s possible that we will always have “criminal minds” in the world so long as we teach our children to HATE and so long as we continue to look down our noses at the poor among us, instead of providing a helping hand up. Yes, some psychopathy seems to be hard wired in the DNA…and for those folks, we should have progressive jails to keep them away from the rest of civilization.

Collectively, we’ve given war a chance OVER and OVER and OVER again (history book references again) for five thousand or more years…Perhaps we need, collectively, to try another approach. In the immortal words of John Lennon: “give peace a chance.”