“I don’t know of any church that can raise and give away $714,000 a year,” he said. “Even the megachurches can’t pull this off.”
Churches would need to raise $714,000 per year to fill in the gap from Trump’s poverty program cuts
Jack Jenkins

Please, someone inform Paul Ryan that our nation has been in what evangelicals call a “post-Christian nation” for decades. He and the majority of mean-spirited Congressman who want to assist the rich in getting richer (and the poorer in getting poorer, I might add) need to wake up to the reality that is.

Most churches are NOT megachurches. Most mainline, protestant churches have a dwindling population of worshipers who are primarily senior citizens…in other words, these churches are getting smaller and smaller with the passing of time and the “passing” of their members…. Many of these congregations are struggling financially just to keep their doors open, pay the utility bills, pay the salaries of the worship leader and support staff AND support the poor. The average church budget is less than $100,00 per year. So, you cannot get water from a rock, blood from a turnip or money from people who ARE NOT THERE in the church.

The likelihood that Trump or any of the mean-spirited Congressman are going to listen to the pleas from the “Circle of Protection” are as likely as Trump joining Bill Gates’ Billionaire Club (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-giving-pledge-a-new-club-for-billionaires/)

I have lost all hope in the present administration’s ability to listen to rationale argument or to find whatever shred of empathy remains in their very small hearts.

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