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Probably the same Russian hackers who stole Secretary Clinton’s emails…but this time the hacking was for a different reason (educated guesses on my part). They want to know which high rollers are staying at Trump’s Hotels so that if “shaking Trump down” doesn’t have the desired effect, they can go after the high rollers’ accounts and transfer money electronically.

You’ve got to remember this: Trump has always been ‘up to his eye balls’ in debt with his various investments — many of which resulted in declaring bankruptcy six times. He has a habit of “stiffing” his creditors including the banks. It was reported in the NY Times last year that American banks will no longer lend him money which has forced him to look overseas for credit (Deutsche Bank, Russian oligarchs, China). IF the bad habit of “stiffing” his creditors has continued, especially with the Russian oligarchs, they will want their money back and THEN SOME… The son-in-law Kushner, as reported in the NY Times this past weekend, is $20 billion in debt; it’s likely that some of those loans also came from Putin’s friends. So, the bankers need to keep a watchful eye on the Trump clan…

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