How I Accidentally Helped Elect Donald Trump
Timothy O'Leary

So, it’s all your fault? Just kidding.

Actually, it’s the public’s fault — specifically 47 percent of the voters - who bought into the narrative of Trump’s campaign hook, line and sinker. He reeled them in using these techniques (and others I might add…fear of the ‘other’ ).

All humans have a dark side. In the absence of understanding this aspect of humanity, there is no skepticism. Skepticism is a necessary ingredient in weighing the credentials of any candidate for office at the local, state and national levels.

This is why the press is so important in conveying information about all candidates who wish to serve the American public. I wish to emphasize the word “serve” here, because Mr. Trump seeks to serve himself only — the hallmark of a despot. But, that is the story of his life, as I understand it. True leaders serve the people of a community — all the people, not just the ones who elected them.