For the Love of God, Stop Putting Two Spaces After a Period
John McDermott

Thanks for edifying us “old people,” about the new standard in keying.

What I don’t appreciate in this piece is your negative stereotyping of persons of a certain age who are actually wise because of the many decades of living here on terra firma. Wisdom tells me that devoting so many sentences to this topic is just petty.

Our culture reveres youth. Instead we need to revere humanity. When you find yourself in the seventh decade of life (if you are blessed, like me) perhaps this short comment will make more sense and resonate with you.

A few years ago one of my graduate students was recommending that I get a smart phone to replace my “dumb phone” so that I could “look cool.” My reply went something like this, which left him apoplectic: it is more important to be cool then to look cool…

BTW: I now have a smart phone and look both cool and old.

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