The hypocrisy of being called both a nigger as well the sole cause of the racism I was complaining about, was a sort of recurring theme.
Why did I name it “Dear White People?”
Justin Simien

Underneath all of the layers, I see fear, fear of the browning of America and what that might mean for folks who are white. At an unconscious level, for many people I suspect, is that your film is perceived as an Existential Threat…just a guess on my part, though.

Over two decades ago I used to have conversations with one of my direct reports who was a brown American (half Native-American and half African American) about that underlying fear that many white folks have about our nation becoming darker. Jim, my then direct report, was a brilliant man who brought up the topic to me…I actually cherished those conversations as we were able to get to know each other better because he saw that I was open to understanding a point of view that was different from my own. He helped my to understand my white privilege in a nation with deep divides and deep guilt for its past.

So, I see both fear and guilt as unconscious motives operating in (white) folks.

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