Backbone Replacement Therapy Kicks In One Year Too Late For Key Republicans
Allan Ishac

Well, we need to start a crowd-sourced fund for basic research at Boston Back Clinic for Dr. Majeste (love the pun btw…). Yes, I know he’s an orthopedic guy, but since he’s on the forefront of cutting edge techniques (no pun intended here), he might consider how to replace pathological personalities. It seems that many congressman and senators have been infected with this disorder in the last few years. It might be contagious, from spending too much time either with Trump or listening to him or reading his tweets. But I think there’s a different source.

The etiology of pathological personalities can be found in viruses which have contaminated the money from big donors (big Pharma, the Koch brothers, Mercer & Co. and the beloved NRA to name just a few). After the infection starts, there’s no telling how much damage will be wrought on its victims. I suspect that the long-term effects will be as deadly as the great flu epidemic of 1918 which killed a reported 500 million people world-wide.

So, after sufficient funds have been obtained, Dr. Majeste can start with some of the Congressman — especially the ones who have been in office for a couple of cycles of elections; it is likely that their pathology is the greatest and will only infect others in their immediate vicinity (junior congressman). They will be the test cases for this research.

Then, after he has perfected this research, he can move on to others. Or perhaps he should just move to the Mr. Trump himself! If we could only harvest the personality of a Mother Theresa, or clone the personalities of Archbishop Desmond Tutu or the Dalai Lama. We would be in a better place today!