But cheats and con artists have an amazing way of hanging on until their fingernails are torn from their grubby little hands.
Writer Gets In Shape For Another Year Of Savage Political Satire, 7-Days-A-Week
Allan Ishac

Yes, especially when enabled by a Republican Congress.

I have no doubt that if “the Donald” is used some more by his enablers, they’ll throw him under the bus when the indictments are handed down.

But my hope for 2018 is threefold:

  1. that some of those enablers who are also complicit in the shenanigans that have led up to the election and what has followed, will also be indicted. Perhaps a new prison will need to be built to house all of the treasonous ‘players’ in this God-awful drama.
  2. that the over-inflated pride of this man will be his own undoing. That is, that he follows the path that Hitler did on April 30, 1945. It will save the taxpayers a lot of money…he won’t be able to steal from us anymore.
  3. That the unconscious people who voted for him will wake up and see what a disaster they caused for themselves and the entire nation.

I pray for our nation everyday and will continue to do so in the coming year. I pray in particular for the phony “newscaster” at Fox News in particular. They, in particular, are a part of the enabling crowd…

Continue to write Allan. We need your voice in the darkness that is. Stay well. Happy New Year, back at you!

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