Nazis Make Big Comeback In Europe After Last European To Remember WWII Dies
Allan Ishac

Yes, history is repeating itself here in this nation as well. Thanks for this essay, Al.

It is obvious to many that a certain person who resides in the WH has taken several pages out of Mr. Hitler’s AND other tyrants play book (doesn’t matter which continent or country or time period, they’re effectively inter-changeable, these despotic types). All of these tyrants — including the contemporary ones like Erdogan in Turkey and Putin in Russia— attempt to control the press by repeating the same lies over and over again until they sound so familiar that some ignoramuses believe those lies. Be on the look-out for three things:

  1. book burning (you know, the historical record);
  2. rounding-up of intellectuals (whether journalists or academics). There’s already an assault on academia, if you haven’t already noticed by the alt-right. That assault didn’t start with Trump, though.
  3. Changes in laws which curtail freedom for certain classes or religions or ethnicity of people.

While I cannot claim Jewish heritage, I cry every time I think of what happened in Europe between 1933 and 1945. The devastation started with the rise of the demagogue Hitler, changing of laws, Kristalnacht in 1938 (and if you don’t already know what this was, please check-in with your favorite history book OR with wikipedia and you will see some parallels with what is happening in our own nation on a smaller scale in various towns and cities), and the rest of the horror perpetrated by just one of the 20th century’s Prince of Darkness and his hateful followers.

Educate yourself, please.


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