Blog Project #2#3

Format: Bible Verse.

Audience:To Christians and anyone going through rough time in their live.

Purpose: To inform that in life there is time for everything.

Effectiveness: This bible verse is very effective to because it shares the light on the truth in life. The truth meaning in life there is time for everything. Example it says it says there is a reason in life, there is time to be born and time to die which is true, because as we all know before you can come into this world you have to born and before you leave this world you have to die. it also states, there is time to weep and time to laugh. sometimes in life we go through rough times that makes as as sad no matter how long it might take to snap out of it we will eventually do.


Format: Alcohol and it Harmful Effects.

Audience: To everyone who likes to drink alcoholic drinks and not think about its consequences.

Purpose: To inform that drinking too much alcohol can destroy your life and health.

Effectiveness. This diagram is effective because it shows the damage drinking too much alcohol can do to your inner system even though the outer body may look healthy your inside may be in danger. it also shows types of damage that can happen like muscle weakness,osteoporosis,brain damage,stomach ulcers ,etc.. it also shows that alcohol can affect you having children so is very important to think before drinking too much alcohol.

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