When Your CEO Is Unfit, You Fire Him.
John Battelle

1- as far as the money thing, all those rich folks will have their coffins lined with money, so much that it will lead to a spike in inflation. Hope it keeps them warm when they are six feet under. How rich do you have to be in order to stop being “king John” to us lowly “Robin Hoods”? Like I said let them line their coffins with it, it will not change a thing in the end with the exception of them living longer than the rest of us because they can buy health care. If I see their names on building or monuments I will throw paint on them.

2-I am still not convinced that impeachment is the way to go when you look at who would replace tRump. Let’s all pray for the perfect storm. Wait to impeach until after the 2018 election, then go like fire. Maybe if we are lucky Ryan is no longer the presumptive 3rd in line for the oval office. If he isn’t then we get rid of Pence, tRump and Ryan and we have a chance. It’s a dicey chance, but a chance.

3-We need to start calling this administration the “Let Them Eat Cake” administration because that is what this tax bill tells us all to do.

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