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1-quit calling it Fox News. Just call it Fox. Gives it a whole new meaning.

2-since when does tRump have to explain anything? He is “unquestionable”, some one on his side of the assylum said that. On my side of the place everyone is questionable, everyone.

3-will some one please take the tweeter thing out of the man’s hands? It’s bad enough that he watches Fox but then they are part of the only group that really believes him.

4-he finally responded to the attacks on Jews, Jewish buildings and cemetarys. I say a day late and a million dollars short. He should have pre-empted his nasty talk during the campaign and skipped the Jew, Hispanic and Muslim bashing. Then he would not have to do a patch and fix. Patch and fix never really comes across as sincere and well meant after the fact. You know like, some one had to call it to his attention, jerk on him and say “excuse me, fix it”. May be his daughter finally got through? Still too late in my opinion.

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