There is plenty of evidence, I believe, to support the theory that republicans as a rule want to…
Left Wisdom

Could not have put it any better. That is why we need to get out the poor, dispossessed, the women, to vote. Look what African American women did in Alabama, they came out in droves. Of course it means the GOP and those currently in power due to gerrymandering will now attempt anything and everthing to keep those people from going to vote. Hence the claims of voter fraud, buses of people from other states coming in for elections to vote fraudulently. Roy Moore is still claiming voter fraud, but then he is a nut case all on his own. There have also been those claims in Vermont and I believe Arizona. It’s all a bunch of Hogwash, after the hog has been washed. People need to vote pure and simple. Most voters see through what is happening and are sick of the results of money, corruption, influence (i.e., Russians), Faux news, and gerrymandering has done to disenfranchise the common, everyday voter, like you and me and a whole bunch of others.

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