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Here we go, tRump defining loyalty? Heaven help us. He is a “godfather” pure and simple. And I mean that in the lowest sense possible. He is a thug, a bully, like some 3rd world leader who walks out of a jungle and claims to be direct kin to God. I have no doubt he asks for “tribute” under the table from people to give them favor, in addition to demanding loyalty.

NO loyalty oath ever, except to the Constitution! This just highlights how inappropriate he is to the office. He has no unerstanding of decorum or respectibility. McCabe will have a fight on his hands because the liar-in-chief will fire him or put someone in charge that orders him to cease and desist on the investigation. We need Congress and Senate to over ride this cover up, NOW. The longer they wait the worse it will get and more difficlut to unravel. The unraveling needs to start now.

McCabe is correct, “protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution”, that is the job. I will bet my very life that no one in the FBI, Comey and McCabe included ever thought that meant protecting and upholding AGAINST the president of the US. In the military and in my profession, one does not have an obligation to follow an unlawful order. In fact one has an obligation to refuse the order and despite the potential consequences, stick to one’s guns and demand resolution. If that resolution comes from a wider scope of scrutiny so be it. You take a chance that it might not go your way but true heros, patriots and ethical people stand firm in what they know and represent. They do not cower in the presence of some one like tRump. So Andrew McCabe you have a lot of folks behind you, do what you know is right, I think you already have.

But where this seems to be where this is going is south, fast. Uncover the collusion, coverup or whatever you want to call it. I hope that McCabe, et al, perservere I will back them before I ever listen to that buffoon in the oval office. He is a disgrace.