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Here’s an idea — -Shrink Zinke, and his boss. Leave the tribal lands and National monuments alone. All the folks like Zinke, tRump and Hatch want is to take the land and hand it over to oil and gas interests. Raid the land, take all the resources and walk away with their MONEY. It all revolves around money, it is the only thing this administration knows or loves. Loot Bears Ears, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, literally loot them, privatize them and make money. Not to try to out do Comey but it makes me want to vomit. If anyone wants to be real, give the land back to the tribes of Native Americans. None of these precious lands belongs to Zinke or tRump, nor Hatch. They belong to all of us and the first peoples first. Zinke is now added to the “Shill list”, along with Sessions, Preibus, Flynn, et al. Stop them before all these monuments are gone up in a blaze of drilling and oil wells.

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