My pet theory is what I call the ultimate law of the universe: probability balance.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Hi James, Cannot say I disagree with your theory, in fact it has merit. I just cannot give up on my fight against the evil junk stuff. I will keep up my push back, never gonna give it up. Because in this century we all should be sick and tired of the model they present. We should know better, be able to recognize the damage they do and put a stop to it before it gets started. Notice how many in our government aid, enable and abet what tRump goes for and stands for? So he has his complicit minions. But in the realm of evil or what ever you call it he is the ring leader. What is it they say about “good men standing by doing nothing’? Yeah, I may not be a man but I will do what I can. Maybe one day we’ll win?

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