Steven K. Bannon Trump’s Indispensible Puppet Master
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Hi James, once again in a nutshell you hit it right on the head. I think you could expand this into a book. In saying that I mean a book right now, not 4 years from now, it is all so blatantly obvious and so in-our-faces it cannot be denied or covered over. I am not sure, however, that you could write fast enough. They seem to be throwing the outrageous at us at rapid fire rates. I do hope that the media in someway gets it’s collective act together and shows Bannon some lip, gets in his face, anything, please anything. Quit treating this administration like you want to be friends. Please PRESS do your jobs, read the 1st amendment to the Constitution and if you have to use it as your banner. Mr. Bannon, freedom of the press is not your choice it is OURs. I just have little hope that the press will unscramble their brains and do what we need them to do. I may die in hope and they tell me I am a long way from the grave.

In your first paragraph you talked of IQ. I really do not care about anyone’s IQ but I do care whether they have a heart and that includes empathy, sympathy, all that “feel Good” stuff. It is patently obvious that the hearts of people like tRump, Bannon, Tillerson, De Vos, Flynn and the rest, has either been surgically removed, corrupted by money or was never there to begin with. I can deal with less than genius IQ, give me some one who cares about ALL of the American people and folks like the Syrian refugees who have lost all choice over their lives. If America has no heart, we are indeed, in perilous times.

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