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I agree with most of what you wrote but keep in mind our country is a bunch larger that France so the pollutants can spread out more, kidding really but there is a noticeable size differential. I think the biggest gripe I have against big oil, of which Exxon is a part, is that they are all about the money. With money being the motivator they are not in any way prompted to buy into saving the environment. I have to say I do not believe they should be compensated to save the environment but that any company with a pollution potential should be willing to follow rules that avoid fouling air, water and other resources. I do not own an electric car or anything close but my little car gets 39 mpg on the open road and I do not do a lot of in town driving, in fact I avoid doing just that. If I need to go to town I stack my errands and do some on the way in and some on the way home. Others around me will drive the 8 miles to town just to buy one thing and do it over and over. I live 4 miles from a major river here, I also belong to the River Keepers organization, one of the things they do is to teach kids about ecology, life in the river and how fragile some of it is and how to save it. Over the past few years there have been toxic dumps from coal ash ponds that have sullied the river and I have to tell you it is enough to make you cry. The companies that did it contributed nothing to the clean up, and they knew the ponds were old and fragile and did nothing to stop the contamination. Yet our last governor rewarded the polluters with allowing to raise their rates. Again, it’s all about the money. Should I mention that the river is part of my watershed and I have a well. Hits home when you have to continually have your water tested and you don’t know if your well will be shut down. If they did shut my well down I would have no source of water. You cannot sink another well into already contaminated soil as the water will be coming from the same aquifer. Makes one think.

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