FBI’s Comey Uses Alarming “Lucifer Proxy” In Referring To Trump
Allan Ishac

I always thought that the “evil one” , satan, whatever you want to call “IT”, would be a dashing figure, handsome, beguiling, wickedly good looking with a very enticing form of speech. The quintessential smooth talker who can get you to buy into anything he puts forward.

WELL, now I find out that it’s really a fat, old, orange tinged man with bad hair, a gut over hang, pants that do not fit (actually cannot fit), bad ties(evidence-clear tape on the back side of the red one), small hands, and whatever other parts go along with “small” (brain is one, definitely not ego), and be a bully and mysoginist who repeats himself ad nauseaum — -to boot. I am crushed. I thought I would recognize the diabolical one by the swathe and debonair stuff. Now I find out it is the moral and physical equivalent of a dump. Sad, very sad.

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