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I am 68 years old, female and would love to get in Gianforte’s face(politely), reporter or no reporter. What are the chances that he would body slam me should I say something he does not like? It is one way to silence the opposition. I am sure there are many in Montana that would think twice about saying anything that would raise his hackles even by a millimeter. He has had a chilling effect on any opposing views in Montana and elsewhere for sure. Just like tRump. There is no place in civil discourse for his action. Ben Jacobs may forgive him, I for one will not. Granted I do not live or vote in Montana, but it is a lesson to other states. If it happens in mine, hold on for dear life. We should not tolerate this form of subjection and harrassment which is exactly what it was.

I object to the spirit of what he did and I maintain that he has shut down mostly half of his state’s people’s right to oppose what he says and does. He has also slammed shut the door to ANY form of discussion with him. Who in their right mind would want to discuss anything with him? I would guess only those with whom he agrees. So does he represent Montana? Only the faction that agrees with him and will coddle his fragile ego. Otherwise you get decked and punched.

I hope that there is someway Ben Jacobs can sue him. Of course that will be up to Ben Jacobs and his employer. However as some other agencies have discovered, suing the crap out of someone like this not only can bankrupt them but also send a broader message.

I also do not believe myself to be mistaken about the sheriff that supports Gianforte. I am sure “misdemeanors” are much more palatable than what maybe should have happened. If the sheriff were attacked in such a manner I doubt seriously that misdemeanor would be on the table. Nothing like taking care of your friends.

Karma is a bitch.

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