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I fear we are in this endless cycle of deny, deny, deny, spin, spin, spin all over again. The administration will continue to assert that what ever people like Brennan say is not what they are really saying. The administrations version of the facts will always be at odd with the FACTS. I maintain the administration has no right to their own set of facts. Let the FBI, CIA and who ever else follow the evidence if it does not align with the administrations version then so be it, and we move to do what is right to protect the American people from the administration. I applaud any of these people, Rogers, Coats, Brennan, et al who are willing to come forward and testify and pt their necks on the chopping block for this country. They are the bona fide heros. The fact that Trmp tried to sway Coats and Rogers away from speaking the facts speaks loudly and if ignored will lead to a larger, more adept corruption of the government.

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