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I laugh at Sessions all the time, are they going to come for me? He is laughable except for the fact he is dangerous to all of us. He is a racist, he does not know or respect the law, and he is a shill for tRump. Send the FBI after me, I will make such a stink they will wish they had never heard my name. The FBI is corrupt along with tRump’s so-called-government. Our so-called-president cannot utter a cohesive sentence.

I support Ms. Fairooz. As far as I am concerned she can laugh all she wants. That is until it turns to tears for what these arrogant fools are doing to our government. This last 100 days has felt like at least 10 years. There is no let up to the stupidity of all of them. Now tRump unleashes churches to influence elections breaking down the barrier between church and state. He is paying back his supporters and destroying over 200 years of something that actually worked and protected all religions. Here comes King George. Of course tRump has no relationsip with history or reality so he probably thinks King George is still alive and a fine fellow. He may have been a “reality star” but we all know that those shows are highly scripted and just a vehicle to enhance some one’s ego. Please send tRump back there to his alt-reality and out of mine.

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