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I rarely feel this way but I dearly and sincerely hope that Mulvaney et al experience the following:

1-hemrrhoids to the max from sitting on his ass and making statements like this.

2-diabetes in spades, let him eat the diet a lot of poor people have to endure due to lack of funds and available good foods.

4-cardiac disease, obviously becasue he has NO heart

5-take away his insurance, he does not need it if he is healthy.

6-gastritis so he can run off on both ends instead of just one

7-allergies that make him itch like fire, let him scratch his skin off since it seems so thick.

8-any pest born disease, Lyme, malaria, just anything that might make it occur to him that not every disease is someone’s fault.

9-arthritis, because he cannot bend now, might as well take that away from him now while we have the chance

10-Anything and everything I cannot name now that will cause pain and suffering to this self-righteous idiot.

Screeds are not normal for me on a Sunday morning but I am making an exception in the case of this reprobate. When I think of more pestilence to deliver to him I will send an update. My pleasure. Please excuse spelling errors, I am far too upset to pay attention to spell check.

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