Sean Spicer praises Hitler for his restraint, falsely claims he never gassed his own people
Aaron Rupar

I really do not expect much from people like tRump and Spicer who not only deny history but rewrite it for their own benefit. A liar is a liar, they get so into their lies that they cannot tell the truth from the lie or plain old fiction. There was an author who wrote a really stunning book about drug addiction as a memoir. He was found out when it was discovered it was not amemoir but fiction. He was beaten into the ground with distain and vitriol. Why are we not doing that to these buffoons who are running our government into the ground and making us look like asses the world over while taking our money for their own purses. Business accumen my ass, tRump is a shyster and conman. He knows no other way than to lie, cheat and steal and he is doing a bang up job of those things with Spicer’s support.

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