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I subscribed to the NYT recently because I like some parts of it, puzzles, art, op-eds. I also did it to fly in the face of DJT who called the NYT names. Sort of a protest subscription. Well now I find my self in a conundrum, do I metaphorically slap DJT or cozy up to a publication that hires an anti-science, climate change denier who himself cozies up to DJT and debunks science? Gets complicated does it not?

So I have decided to cancel. While it is the age of climate change denial, it is also the age of deciding who you will trust. Wish I could cancel DJT as easily as I can a newspaper subscription.

I firmly believe that we as humans impact our climate, I also agree that some of the change in our atmosphere comes from natural causes and natural evolution. But, to me, neither of those facts indicates that we should sit back and do nothing about the problem other than contribute to further pollution and degradation of our environment.

When I search for sources for my news and entertainment I look for sources that I can verify and respect. NYT has effectively shot itself in the foot, actually both feet. I will walk on with both of my feet firmly planted in the reality that the earth needs our care.

One thing that alarms me more than most of what I read about climate change is the lack of support from religious groups. If you believe in God, as many evangelicals purport to do, how do you reconcile backing some one like DJT and his stance on the EPA, pollution,and climate change? If God gave you the earth as the Bible says, if it truly is God’s creation, why would you not care and sustain God’s creation. There is no holy of holies place on earth, it’s ALL God’s work, all of it. All of it begs us to care for it and make it a better place.

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