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I think John McCain is a wonderful example of someone who is in the right place to exercise his strength and experience. He ran for president and did not win, he persists in his ability to be a Senator with a good handle on morality, sanity and clear thinking. Because he is where he is, he now can vocalize and lead from a strong position and hopefully people will listen. Sometimes we do not want to be in certain positions, we may be given unwanted problems to solve, but it helps to remember that you are put there for a reason. If you can do that, take your rightful place, you can often times rise above the fray and become the voice of experience and sanity when all around you are disintegrating into what I would call, the awful witches brew we now have in the White House. I am not a republican, I swing independent, but I support people like John McCain who have the courage to go against the flow, speak up and become a bulwark of sanity in the midst of chaos. I think he is in the best place he can be for him and the rest of us. I am rewarded by the fact that he states his case and does not back down. On a more personal note I deeply value his service in and out of the Senate. The fact that tRump criticized John McCain and attempted to demean his years as a prisoner of war reflects badly only on tRump. tRump never served, he never put on a uniform. How dare he judge anyone who has. tRump is a coward who hides behind his money. He has a big, foul mouth that is matched by his character. Only his character is not big, it is small, hateful, weaselly and self-serving. The fact that tRump criticized John McCain only shows how petty and sniveling he is.

I support John McCain and hope he is successful. He may have to hit a few fellow republicans over the head to get their attention so that they don’t send our country down the drain. I hope he does it soon. He is a light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Rebuke on John.