It’s Happening
Miles Gloriosus

I think this is a no-brainer, especially for women and those who have families. Why on earth would I support this rich-old-white-man’s party? And I use the word party in a classic sense not a political one. You have someone (tRump) at the helm who uses, abuses, gropes and maligns women. He calls women names, judges them based on their bodies not their talents and brains, values only their physical attributes or lack there of. Then you have the rich guys with ties to Russia(Tillerson and Flynn), the racist (Sessions) just a few examples of what tRump surrounds himself with. You have Vos who is astronomically out of touch with the educational needs of the majority of children in this country, she pushes charter schools and leaves out the majority of kids who could not afford to go to a charter school. Not to mention that I believe some charter schools exist to reinforce segregation and there is no EVIDENCE that charter schools are any better than any other model. I will be honest, I am retired, I raised my kids by myself, I am a widow, while I worked full time. Both went through public school, and one did it kicking and screaming. They are both successful adults. I am white, middle class, I worked hard and depended on friends and neighbors. I did not ask my friends what their religion was, I did not care what color they were. I valued them for their hard work and ethics.

I only support those agencies and systems that offer diversity. Our diversity is what makes us a wonderful, richly endowed country. If you lose that diversity we are sunk, we simply become a divisive, self-focused, self centered, bunch of independent enclaves out to help only ourselves. I worked in situations where I was the only woman, the only white person, the only one of my religion and guess what — — all of the people I worked with always pulled together, appreciated each other, worked as a team and never, ever questioned the honesty or integrity of anyone on the team. We took care of people and did it with honor and dignity. We did not ask where those we cared for came from, what religion they were, we did not care what the color of their skin was, they were human beings that needed us, Period. It’s time we come out of the 1950’s, toss the predjudices and assumptions and focus on the fact that we really need each other. I will resist all attempts to make this country in the image of Donald Trump’s values. He has no values that I would consider admirable, none.

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