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“If Flynn is the tip of the iceberg”? IF? Come on, we know he is just the tip of he iceberg. So how long before the tRump ship of state runs smack into the entire thing? Let’s hope soon, very soon.

The republicans are keeping Humpty-Trumpty’s head above the proverbial water so they can use him to pass their ideological agenda. For that tRump is a fool. He may realize it but I doubt it, his ego won’t let him. But the republicans will let this scenario run out as long as they can cover for the lying, cheating, mysoginist, racist and probably well past the point that they should. But let’s not credit them with any good sense or compassion for the people who live in these United States. They really could care less about you and me, they care about their pockets (and purses) and will do what ever they have to PROP up tRump so they can pass their brand of racism, mysoginy and antifeminism. Don’t be concerned folks they have the moral high road, they will, according to them, put us back on the right track. Of course it will be at the expense of our climate, our peace, our rights, our money, our health, our safety, our jobs, medicare and social security, etc. and ad nausem. What ever safety net the American people had will be gone. Get the picture?

Voters eliminated the balance of power and handed our government over to the billionaires and business elites who will enrich themselves at our expense and then ship the money over seas to private accounts so they don’t have to pay taxes. Just look at Pudzer, he prefers robots to people. Just who you want managing people. I vote to let him have his robots and when they go screwy and don’t work NOBODY goes to fix them. Let him flip a burger.This man has made himself rich on the backs of people to whom he pays a pittance and he disses them on a grand scale. Well I now have one more entity that I will boycott. I am not a fast food person but I will starve before I ever partake at a burger joint owned by this worthless piece of S — t.

Tip of the iceberg my arse. There is enough ice in them waters to sink about 20 Titanics and then some. I have no faith that anyone will hold tRump accountable. I wonder if Pence feels like he was “trumped”? You know fed crap with the expectation he would buy it only to find out he was duped. I would be out of there, no matter my job. I would be the rat leaving the sinking ship and thumbing my nose at this joke of a president who puts us all at risk.

TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK. No one will ever see any improvement in our economy based on what these idiots are doing.

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