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If we did not know from the campaign exposure to Mr. Carson we now know that he is as crazy and inept as all of the rest of tRumps nominees. He has no touch, contact or vision of reality. He might should go back to being a neurosurgeon, in my experience they are noted to be a bit odd anyway. That is not to demean all neuro-surgeons, I have known some good ones don’t get me wrong, not saying they are not smart, but like the general population they have their proportion of craziness. I am not sure if he is diabolical or evil, I don’t get that from him but crazy, oh yes. I wonder if he has a secret plan to convert gays and trans people using his neurosurgeon super powers. It would not surprise me. Choice? really? Come on, lets get into the right century and bring our mental processes with us. One would think that a neurosurgeon would have a more scientific view of human beings. But then tRump denies science so why shouldn’t Mr. Carson? Except that Carson went to medical school, was an intern, a resident, he had contact with other humans on a daily basis, he had to know science to practice. Did that go away with retirement? I was an RN for 43 years, I did not retire the science part of my brain when I retired, it still works well and I use it daily. I even worked Neuro ICU for a while so that part of science is dear to my heart. I also worked with PEOPLE with TBI and other sorts of brain injury and found them to be just like the rest of us whether gay, straight, old, young, LGBTQ, muslim, christian, atheist, agnostic, etc..

For Pete’s sake we are people not things, all of us deserve the best life can give us and that includes housing, health care, food and clean water. I applaud Mr. Carson’s mom she must have been a good mom who worked hard to give her child/children what ever they needed. I was a single mom and I did it too. But the point here is that every one needs a level playing field and help if they need it regardless of sex, sexual orientation, religion or lack there of, race, or anything else that tRump and his minions can learn how to hate and exclude. Again I don’t really think Carson is the worst of the worst in this gaggle of unfit servants, but he is clueless. I don’t think him mean or evil but I wonder if he had a neuro patient who he suspected was someone “other than acceptable” how would he have treated that person? You see I had more than one conversation with MDs who were neurosurgeons and other specialties about how to “talk nice”, not just to patients but also to families and staff. Knowing how to give unfavorable news to people comes in especially handy and needs to be delivered softly and comapssionately. And you don’t treat people who you view as “different” as “less than”. You treat them like you want to be treated. When do these folks in tRump’s tangle of weirdness (think Bannon, Flynn, Sessions to name 3) shake off the last century and see the wonderful, diverse American people as PEOPLE. All of us with issues but all of us as humans who deserve a seat at the table. We should not have to buy or demand that seat, it should be there ready for us.