Comey Felt “Mildly Nauseous” After Dooming Planet To Certain Annihilation
Allan Ishac

It really puzzles me how a man in Comey’s position would not think through his decision to do what he did and listen to the council of the DOJ(which they did give) to NOT do what he did. I would think that anyone in his position would be cautious enough to think about the “law of unintended consequences” at the very least. My jobs paid me to do that very thing and I was not running the FBI(not even close). If I had not sat and thought through potentially damaging consequences I would have been fired post haste.I would have also discussed things with others to get another perspective about consequences. And yet, I have ethics, something I think missing in the conversations about what he did. I value people who in their dealings with big events and even small ones, think through what they might do, who they might damage, what the potential outcomes might be and who they might harm. Obviously Comey does not do those things, he simply feels mildly nauseated afterwards. Please take his gun away from him and keep him out of my neighborhood.

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