Eric and Ivanka Trump deliver spirited defense of nepotism
Aaron Rupar

Just because you watch someone do something does not mean you are capable of doing it or should try to do it. I watched many a surgeon do complicated surgeries and procedures. So does that mean I should try my hand at it?

tRump is such an ass and his whole family is turning out to be close to stupid if not already there. What gives Kushner the expertise or knowledge to help run the country? NOTHING and no one voted for him. I go on record here Jared Kushner does not represent me. Neither does tRump for that matter. tRump is so intent on putting his family members in government positions one wonders what happens when something bad happens, when they really screw something up? Who does he blame? He loves to ascribe blame and does it with broad strokes invariably aimed at the wrong people. He will wind up not being able to shrug off blame himself for something gone wrong. Not to mention the family memebers who have absolutely no clue about sensitive diplomatic relationships, or complicated negotiations for government purposes. Gee all they have to do is say “daddy I’m sorry” and it will be OK? Again NO. These people are the definition of arrogant, smug, stupid and dangerous. Please, please let them go back to their hotels and golf courses and leave us the hell alone.

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