Virginia GOP debate over abortion is a chilling reminder about what’s at stake
Laurel Raymond

Let these guys, Gillespie and Wagner,

1- get raped and be the victim of incest, then make them have the baby.

2-do not give them any maternity or child care and make them raise the kids at least until they turn 21.

3-Make them work the entire span of the child’s life at a minimum wage job with no health plan.

4- charge them fees for anytime they have to leave work for the child’s sake or if the child has problems or heaven forbid gets really ill.

Lets make it as difficult as we can on Wagner and Gillespie with their manifesto of not only obliterating the right to abortion but also to them completely ignoring women’s health care. I am not a raging feminist, nor am I violent but the word castration comes to mind when faced with men like these. I also advocate that we treat viagra as a scheduled opiate, one that cannot be obtained. I am angry and upset that in this century we are still dealing with this junk they push. On top of the fact that they more than likely only espouse to their “eliminate abortion “ stance to garner votes. It is like tRump, first he was prochoice, now he is pro life? No he panders to the folks who he thinks vote on that issue. He would not care otherwise. Besides they are so hot to make babies be born but not care for them when they get here. If they are so high and mighty let them work in a day care or a women’s clinic. I say shame on them but that really is not strong enough. What I would like to say is more than likely not printable.

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