Davida Chazan

Mea culpas accepted, now get out there and try a recall. If there are so many upset people in his district you might be able to get it done. If one, only one of these crooks is recalled it might send a message to the others.

The reps I have either do not respond to me or they give me some canned answer. Burr will not talk to anyone unless they are card carrying republicans, we just get ignored. Tillis will respond but gives me the “pat on the head” and the canned answers. I did tell Tillis that if he could do not better not to write me back, I would get the message. He did actually formulate a response to me which did not go over well with me but it was a response. I explained to him that there is NO republican who is a conservative in office right now including him. The idea that all this money is being shelled out so tRump can fly back and forth to Florida so he can party, schmooz and play golf, and the fact that taxpayers are paying for security for his sons when they are on business trips to the tune of over 2 million dollars a day strongly indicates to me that they are in no way interested in reining in spending. They need to tell tRump to plant himself in DC and stay there, that is where the job is, not on the golf course. And let his sons pay for their own security while on business. Or the alternative, stay home. I see no reason why I should fund their business security. If they make so much money they should fund their own security.

If they cannot muster the guts to tell tRump the above, call me, I will explain it in words he will understand. It’s called the emmoluents clause.

I wish you well in voting Chafftez out, if I could I would come to Utah and vote but we all know that is illegal. Don’t forget the recall option. Of course I could help campaign against him and from what I have seen of the man in the town hall meetings I might have an instant following. Have to figure out the mileage to Utah. Stay strong.

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