Backbone Replacement Therapy might have worked if, as you say, they started getting help about a…
Joan Evans

“More specifically, these weak, weasel-minded piss-ants have had those parts of their brains removed which allowed them to focus on morality, ethics and conscience-driven thinking.”

Perhaps you are like me, how does one focus on morality and Donald tRump and come up with 1 + 1=2? There is no equation there. Morality and tRump do not belong in the same sentence(so forgive me). I guess Corker and Flake found morality some where on the bottom of their pile but it certainly was not a factor one year ago. For sure they had to do some digging to find it. Forgive me again if the sincerity of their protest just does not ring true. Unfortunately I live in a district where the digging has not even started. Not sure the guy has even found the pile to dig in.

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